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About me

Makeup Artist

My name is Kristina Vajda and I am a professional makeup artis based in Osijek.

Although I have spent a great amount of my life working in a bank, I never forgot my greatest love and that is makeup. All those years, I have tried to express my creativity on my friends who gave themselves in my hands with complete trust.

I have come to a point when I realized that is the job I want to do for the rest of my life. I simply gathered my courage, left the bank and started doing makeup.


After successfully finishing the education at JL Style beauty by Lucija Juroš many engagements followed all over Croatia and I realized how happy and satisfied I am for doing the job I love.


Every woman carries beauty in her, although not every one knows it. Individual approach and talking to clients are the keys to succes of every makeup. It's priceless to see the smile on a clients face, the glow in her eyes when she realizes how beautiful she is. No, I am not a wizzard, but I can see Your beauty in my eyes and I simply accentuate it so that You can see it too through.

I would describe my stile as elegant, gentle and fresh because I simply think that kind of makeup is the most beautiful to accentuate a woman's beauty.

I am looking forward to a future cooperation!

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